IMEx Consultants offers customized services to the mining industry, with a focus on industrial minerals. Utilizing a deep, multidisciplinary and global talent pool with many years of experience we can explore, develop, engineer, commercialize and launch your industrial minerals project and business.

Global Standards, local experience

Making your work easier
IMExBiz associates have worked around the world, living in many cases near the projects. Most are proficient in at least two languages, all are native or fluent in English.

Highly skilled human resources

Solving problems
The professionals in IMExBiz have worked in many Projects around the world, spanning more than 5 decades, developing successful projects.

“Because your project matters."

IMExbiz associates include professionals with many years of experience, and the brightest young talent. Those of us that have been in industrial minerals field for as long as we have know that it is about the business: timing, quality and cost-consciousness.

You can work with us, comfortable in the knowledge that our goal is to help create, and to build and grow your industrial minerals business.